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Things you need to know before your first mammogram

mammogram in Vernon, NJ

Whether you are experiencing any symptom or not, a regular mammogram test is recommended to every women to safeguard their health before the calamity actually takes place. Visit a facility centre of a mammogram in Vernon, NJ for the early detection and your peace of mind.

Know these things before you take on your first mammogram

  • It is not painful

The imaging process is completely painless. A little discomfort might be felt as the breasts are squeezed by the equipment to acquire a clear picture but nothing close to pain. If the discomfort remains after the test is over, you can consult your doctor.

  • Continue with annual mammograms

Reports say that 75% of women who have breast cancer do not suffer from risk factors. An early detection of the cancer cells in your breasts reduces the risk factors substantially.

  • Keep your period dates in mind

The week prior to your period must be avoided while scheduling a date for mammogram.

  • Wear comfortable

To take the test you need to undress from waist and thus comfortable clothing to the facility is recommended. A covering for wearing will be given to you while taking the test. The test is recommended to be scheduled in the morning and use of perfumes and deodorant must be avoided as it may interfere with the imaging.

  • A private test

Only the radiologist will be with you in the room during the test. Any existent discomfort or experienced in the process might be discussed with the radiologists.

  • 2 images of each breast

There will be two images of each breast. The breasts will be placed on a plastic plate while another plate will be used to flatten up the breast for a clear image.

Where to go for a mammogram?

Visit a facility only if it has proper accreditation from an authorized body. For example, in Vernon, NJ a facility must be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), to perform mammogram imaging. ACR puts down a certain set of standards for technicians, mammogram machines, doctors who read the films and film developing materials that need to be followed. An accreditation from ACR means that the radiologists and doctors are specially trained and the equipments are of high quality and regularly checked.